Why Are Sweatshops Important In Developing Countries?

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Sweatshops, the Essential Elements for Countries and Supply Chains Inexpensive clothing has been the major trend due to the cheap laboring in Asia. Though we take granted for inexpensive clothes, we know little about how those clothes are made. In some manufacturing factories, people have died because of the companies’ neglects on maintaining buildings, providing equipment for better production and improving the working environment. Some factories use children for even lower wages. Sweatshops are the manufacturing factories with low wage, long working hours and poor conditions; they violate human rights and are unethical. Knowing this, should companies stop laboring in developing countries? The answer is no. In short, sweatshops are necessary parts of supply chains that fulfill the demands for jobs. Because sweatshops provide cheap labor and make inexpensive products available, those companies should be responsible for the welfare of the…show more content…
Since developed countries have employed Chinese laborers and introduced our technology, some areas in China are one of the most industrialized regions. When considering this fact that these laboring including sweatshops has helped develop the country, it is morally acceptable to think sweatshops are essential roles in production. According to the World Bank, the Chinese GDP growth annual rate is 6.9% in 2014 in comparison to the growth rate of -27.3% in 1991 (GDP Growth (annual %)). Despite the rapid increase in the Chinese population, its growth rate has been escalated up and kept up with the growing population. The current life is more developed than what the older generation used to live in. Severe laboring might exhaust people back then, but thanks to that, those countries became wealthier and people live in better life. This concludes that although there is a controversy about Asian laboring, it benefits their future
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