Why Are The Giant Pandas Become Endangered?

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Last month, I had the chance to visit the San Diego Zoo, and saw a lot of animals including the giant pandas. While most of the tourists would only stand for a few moments in front of the other animal, many of them linger before the two giant pandas, Baiyun and Xiaoliwu. In fact, it was the only exhibit that we had to wait in a line to see, despite the zoo not being all that busy. It’s evident that pandas are extremely popular animals, not only because of its unique fur coat color, but also because how rare the animal is; they are almost verging on the edge of extinction. According to John Vidal in his article, the two pandas at Edinburgh has increase the zoo numbers “by four million people in two years” (Vidal) This, however, raises many different questions. Why are the giant pandas becoming endangered? Is there anything that we humans are doing to help? More importantly, should we help the giant pandas if they have truly become a species that cannot survive on their own in the wild? I believe that the giant pandas have certain traits that are accelerating their extinction, but we have the responsibility to give the pandas our help to avoid that disaster, because we are a community and everything in the communities has its own functions; we cannot decide for the land or the animals whether or not to end the existence of one species.
Pandas originate from China, mainly from the mountain ranges in Sichuan province. One of the reasons that pandas are endangered today is…

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