Why Are Visual Aids Crucial In A Presentation?

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I. Theory
1. Why are visual aids crucial in a presentation?
Visual aids are crucial in a presentation because visual aids often generate a clearer impression and more memorable rather than just words spoken. Presentation with images or videos can make your presentation more interesting and not tedious. And human more easily understand something through visualizing rather than listening. Studies in Harvard and Columbia said that doing a presentation with visual aids can increase 14%-39% college student's memory rather than doing a presentation without any visual aids.
2. How to describe graphs and charts?
Graphs and charts help people to understand about the data easily. The audience will easily understand about what the speaker is talking about if the speaker using graphs and charts. In order to describe graphs and charts to the audience, the speaker needs to have a good
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B: Married with a person that loves me so much, but I don't love him at all.
I would rather choose B in hopes I might love him in return one day. One of the lucid reasons is because unrequited love is such a pain. Unrequited love is the most painful love of all. I've ever been in the position where I was dating someone I really loved, but he didn't love me at all. It was such a waste of time. And I don't want that thing to happen again in my life. Because why exposing yourself to pain, suffering, and lead a miserable life? We all don't deserve that.
In this case, I have a man that loves me so much. If he loves me so much, he will show his affection to prove that he truly loves me. He will always deem me, be there for me and contrive his time for me. By feeling of those affections, I might love him in return, because he has already vanquished my heart. Even if he's not a stupendous person, or not a sagacious person, or an indolent person, I think it doesn't matter as long as he's a benevolent person and he has
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