Why Are We Losing All Our Good People? Essay

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Case Situation:
Sambian Partners is an architecture and engineering firm which believes in promoting an environment where the firm’s designers, engineers and client account managers collaborate to deliver top notch designs. The CEO believes Sambian Partners offer a good environment for its people to work and treat people right. The case describes how Sambian is facing a situation where its top talent is quitting. The CEO is surprised by these departures and is working with the firm’s human resource head to get to the root cause of these departures. The management wants to fix the root cause to stop this exodus.
Key Players Helen Gasbarian is the CEO of Sambian that her father founded in 1975. She took on the reins of firms after her
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The case makes a reference to the firm’s loss of the Marko bid which had Tom leading with the right design but Paul who is the head of the architectures sales, does not do enough to sell the idea (at least that is the perception of a few team members). The team’s perception that Tom’s creative work lacked the support structure it needed to succeed gives an insight how the creative folks in the firm feel. They believe, he didn’t have a first class sales and marketing team behind him.
There is mention during this conversation to compensation not being adequate to support Tom’s expanding family, while another colleague brings up a point of having quality of life if he has to be on the road continuously in his new job. This leads to the question whether the firm is doing enough to look into changing needs of its workforce from a compensation point. Young people who are single may love the challenge of a job if there is accelerated growth at the cost of extra hours. The same people may choose to have a work life balance when they are no more single without having to give up on their careers. The case does not provide any insights if the Firm is doing the needful to cater to their employees changing needs. Though the CEO believes they treat their people really well. This cannot be supported with any facts mentioned in the case except for Mary’s attempt at advancing the yearly employee survey satisfaction is an attempt to gather this information.
Another interesting point
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