Why Are We Named?

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Why are we named? The answer to this question is ridiculously simple. We are named simply for the sake of identifying a unique individual by a specific word. Every language carries with it sentence structure and vocabulary. Every possible thing, descriptive, or idea is named in a language. When I speak of a mouse, I do not have to specify- “a little thing with whiskers, eyes, and a tail…” That would be almighty confusing, describing a fair few rodents. Rather, people have developed one sound for one thing. If every object, tangible or intangible has a word for it, why on earth shouldn’t every single individual carry a word fit precisely for them? This will be a paper on the study of names, specifically mine- Emma Lee Ketelsen. The study of personal names is anthroponomastics, while the study of proper names in general is onomastics, according to Wikipedia.
I was named after my father’s confirmation instructor, Emma Langholt. According to Dad, it was because my parents liked the name and it was a pleasant coincidence that that was her name. My father went through six years of catechetical instruction with three teachers, before being confirmed, if I remember correctly. Whenever we see her (which, regrettably, is not often), it is always “She’s your namesake!” or “It’s the two Emma’s…” Namesakes in general are a tribute, like mine. Sometimes they are a pain… I am forever answering to people who do not want me.
I was born in 2000, right as the name was
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