Why Are We Not Responding?

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Why Are We Not Responding? The human mind is a very fascinating subject. This is the place where tons of ideas are created, translated and then put into action. It is hard to fully understand it, as we still haven’t, yet it is a compelling subject to observe. We think about so much stuff and then transform those thoughts into an action and do so much without a second thought. It feels as though our minds are going a million miles per hour and we are always on our toes waiting for what is to come and expecting everything. We like to believe that we are aware of our surroundings and that we know everything that is going on. However according to many tests that are conducted, we are proving to be very clueless and unobservant to the things that surround us. Perhaps we are not clueless, instead maybe we are afraid to admit what we do see. Let’s put ourselves in a situation that might make this easier to understand. Imagine that you are walking to work on a busy street and that you are texting. You’ve been texting your best friend/co-worker all morning because he believes that he overheard your boss saying that you were going to get a promotion. You were overjoyed so you are wearing you best outfit and don’t want to chance it getting dirty. Every once in a while, you glance up, in order to see what’s in front of you and because you are so excited you even take the time to smile at a few strangers who you catch eye contact with. Then as your walk progresses, you hear a faint
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