Why Are Women Attracted To Men Research Paper

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Have you ever wondered what attracted women to a certain type of men, especially when the men are much older than the women themselves? There are many reasons as to why woman fall for older men, but the three most common reasons are biological, psychological and materialistic reasons.
Psychologically, a girl’s relationship with her father can play a major role in who she is attracted to. For instance, if a girl was treated right by her father and was also loved by him, she will most likely be attracted to guys her age. If she was abused, neglected or not treated as a daughter she will be attracted to older men, whom she can use to replace her father figure. Also, how a mother deals with her daughter's father being gone can also impact the
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The study shows that women mature faster than men and that men are 11 years behind in maturing. When a woman is 32 she is already mature, while a man reaches maturity at the age 43. This plays a major role in who a woman may be attracted to because a woman will want a man who is at her level of maturity meaning men older than her, supposedly in their 40’s. (Citation) Since men in their 40’s are more mature they are more focused on things that actually matter such as starting a family. Women want commitment when they are in a relationship which younger men can’t give to them since they are still playing the field. Older men have already gone through that phase and ready for a committed relationship and starting a family. This will also attract young women who are serious about relationships to older men.
Women will also be attracted to a man who is older because he has more experience than the men her age. An older man has more experience because he simply has lived longer and has gone through more things in his life then guys who are the same age as the woman such as relationships. An older man has had many relationships in the past from which he learned from his mistakes. An older man has more experience in
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