Why Are Women Important In American History

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All through history women have been treated as a non human with the only reason why they are significant or well known is because they play an extremely important part with reproduction. We all know without our mothers we would not be here, so why did our ancestors underestimate the importance of a woman? While I was researching topics to write about I came upon on an organization completely created by by woman known as the Daughters of Liberty. Not only this type of organization is unique, it was an extremely interesting topic because of their beliefs.
If you ask anyone if woman were an important during the discovery of the thirteen colonies or during the american revolution, most would tell you no. During the colonization era woman did not have any rights, for example if a married woman had any type of property it all became her husband's property.Women were not able to vote, or to be part of any group or to have any political position. The Daughters of Liberty were like the Sons of Liberty but better, by being a orientation made of only powerful and intelligent group of women's. Being of the The Daughters of Liberty were a great example of what women were capable of by showing their
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I would had like to visit this series of event because I am extremely interested in what would happened in a room full of power young and independent woman wanting to make a differences. I wonder what they would talk about, what kind of activities they would take part of and if they would a celebration to celebrate their accomplishments. Plus I would love to be part of the daughter of liberty because it would be my dream come true to be part of historical group that celebrate an important event that celebrate women and their
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