Why Are You Applying For A Job At Legacy Marketing Partners?

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Questions Asked by Interviewer: 1. Why are you applying for a job at Legacy Marketing Partners? I am applying for a job at Legacy because I want to be a part of the work that the company does and am intrigued by the clients you have. I love the vibrancy of the office and casual, upbeat culture at Legacy. I want a job that allows me to creatively brainstorm with others, to communicate with clients, and to be able to inspire the public with engaging campaigns. 2. What are your career goals? My career goals are to get a job in the field of experiential marketing. I want a position that allows me to be both creative and analytical. I want to help to come up with ideas for effective event marketing and be able to be on the ground floor helping to pull off events. In the future, I’d like to become an Account Executive and have a leadership role in the company. 3. Please discuss your prior work experience and what you contributed to the organization(s) you have been a part of. I previously worked at a Public Relations agency. At the company I assisted with media list building, researched for clients, helped to maintain and build the companies list of clients, wrote social media posts for the agency blog, and composed social media posts for clients social media platforms. I also constructed marketing campaigns for a non-profit and a local restaurant in Chicago for my college classes. 4. We value collaboration, teamwork, communication, and “can-do” work ethics. Please share

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