Why Asean Is Not Successful as Other Integration?

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Why ASEAN is not successful as other integration Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Once hailed as perhaps the most successful example of regional organization in the developing world, ASEAN is now widely perceived to be in decline and ineffective. ASEAN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, was founded in August 1967 to fight with an overwhelming threat of communism in Southeast Asia. The founding members were Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia. Since the Vietnam War, ASEAN’s role has changed to become that of a regional peacekeeper and to maintain steady economic growth for member nations. Few more countries joined later on. Brunei joined in January 1982, Vietnam joined in 1985, Burma and Laos joined…show more content…
Even though ASEAN had a good plan, it was too late for countries that were affected. From an environmental point of view, ASEAN’s failure to handle smog from forest at Indonesia proved that it was not successful. Even though the plan is made, The Haze Agreement that provides a legal basis for the Regional Haze Action Plan was not signed until June 2002 (”ASEAN Signs Agreement”). Countries such as Singapore and Malaysia were badly affected every three years staring from 1991. Obviously, the time that it takes for ASEAN to accomplish such a task is very inefficient because ASEAN is afraid that bringing up the issue would tense the relations among the member nations. As the result, countries such as Singapore and Malaysia sought for aid from international and non-government organizations again (See). However, ASEAN’s biggest mistake lies when it ignored East Timor’s fight for independence. ASEAN’s action toward East Timor’s independence was a total fiasco. East Timorese voted overwhelm in favour for independence in 1999. As a result, pro-Jakarta militias who were trained, armed, and supported by the Indonesian military combated against East Timor, killing tens of thousands of East Timorese (Chan; “East Timor Rebuffs”). However, ASEAN members were not interested in helping because of the “non-intervention” policy and members feared provoking Indonesia. “Asean members are accomplices

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