Why Asian Mother Are Superior By Amy Cha

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Despite of your background or ethnicity, all parents want to get the best for their own children. In order to obtain a better life, some parents raise different than others but the goal is the same. In " Why Asian Mother are superior" by Amy Chua, the author explains how she raise her daughters by not allowing them some things with the purpose of getting the best for them. I have some similarities in the way of how she treats her daughters but I also share some differences with her drastic methods. I do believe that Chinese methods are effective; however, I do not agree with them and also I do not believe they are superior than others. My parents are a combination of Western and Chinese, which I believe it is the correct way to raise a kid. My parents always said to me that doing something in excess is not good and now that I'm an adult, I strongly agree with them because life is not just about one thing. As a kid, you need to experiment new things in order to learn and know about life. As everyone knows, Chinese people are consider as one of the…show more content…
Chinese parents sometimes are too strict with their kids. When they obtain bad scores in school, they abuse and shame them to the point where their self-esteem is very low. As Chua noted, "That's why the solution to substandard performance is always to excoriate, punish and shame the child"(413). By contrast, I do not believe that all the blame should be on child. If a child is studying hard for a test and he gets a B, the first thing that a parents should do is talk to the child and try to help him as much as he can. If you punish him and blame everything on your kid, he is going to be afraid of you and that is going to bring serious issues to him. I do agree that every parent wants the best for their kids, but sometimes incorrect methods can hurt a child more than what he or she can actually learn from

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