Why Australia Has An Aid Program

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Australia’s aid program was developed in 1974 under the Whitlam Government and is known as AusAid. AusAid was formed in order to provide countries that are worse off than Australia aid, to help them out and in turn, help out Australia.
Benefits to Australia
Australia’s aid program has many benefits to the Australian people and our economy. The aid program is used to promote Australia’s national interests through contributing to economic growth and poverty reduction. The aid program originally did not have a strong focus on promoting economic growth, but now Australia does have that strong focus. Through helping people overcome poverty, Australia increases Australia’s national interests by promoting stability and prosperity both in Australia and overseas.
Issues Faced by Countries Overseas
Australia’s Aid Program was established to reduce the issues that countries overseas face. The main focus of the aid program is to help people overcome poverty. There are many statistics which Australian’s find quite upsetting. Australians are known, by instinct, to be compassionate people, and believe that everyone should be given a fair go. Australians believe strongly in helping others in difficulty and distress no matter where they live or who they are. The statistical data that Australians find shocking are:
• 1.4 billion people are said to be living on less than US$1.25 a day
• 27,000 children die every day
• Almost 1,000 mothers die every day as a
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