Why Babies Are Born Too Early Or Too Small

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Problems can arise when babies are born too early or too small. Normally a baby spends about 38 weeks developing before being born. Babies born before the 36th week after conception are called preterm or premature. When this occurs, it is imperative to have a long-term plan in place that is directed towards boosting the overall health and development of a preterm, low birth weight baby. It is crucial to be prepared for the first year or so, as this is when premature infants often lag behind full-term infants in many facets of development. This plan should include educational activities for the baby as well as various tests and other measures that will evaluate the baby’s progress. Finally, in order to maintain a sense of trust between the family and provider, the provider must keep the parents informed by offering any other outside assistance, such as counseling, as this difficult time tends to take a toll on everyone involved. First and foremost, newborns who are preterm have better prospects if they receive appropriate care. These babies are placed in special sealed beds at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) where temperature and air quality are regulated carefully. These beds prevent the babies from any type of environmental stimulation. Instead, they will receive auditory stimulation such as soothing music or their mother’s voice, along with visual stimulation such as a mobile placed over the bed. These premature babies are massaged several times daily, making…
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