Why Ballet Is Important To Me Research Paper

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The last reason why ballet is my favorite hobby is because it keeps me healthy and in shape. One way it keeps me healthy is through the multiple classes that I take per week, for me it’s a normal week when I have only Wednesdays off. My schedule looks like this: Monday, Ballet from 6:30-9. Tuesday, Ballet from 4:45-7:15. Thursday, Ballet from 6:30-8:30. Friday, rehearsal, ballet, contemporary from 1-7. Saturday, Rehearsals, Pilates, Ballet anywhere from 10am to 9pm. And Sundays vary depending on the performance season. Having these classes and rehearsals keeps you moving and helps you learn things, you can learn a lot from various teachers throughout the week. Another reason why it keeps me in shape is because the things you do can change week
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