Why Basketball Is A Big Part Of My Life

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Mo’Ne Davis: 13-year-old, right-handed pitcher for the Taney Dragons, a Little League baseball team. Hailing from Philadelphia, the young talent has been the topic of discussion on many sports-related headlines for her phenomenal pitching ability. She is able to throw 70 mph fastballs and strike out many batters, most being young boys around her age. I wonder what it means now “to throw like a girl.” I see so much of myself in Mo’Ne. I should ask my mom if I have a long lost sister. It’s just a notion. Well, for as long as I could remember I’ve been playing basketball. Seems cliche but it’s the literal truth. My love for the sport is unexplainable however I’ll try a synopsis. Improving physically and mentally as I play, building camaraderie with my teammates, and being able to separate myself from my life problems when I’m on the court, are all reasons to why basketball is a big part of my life. As with everything else in this beautiful world of ours, the bad always juxtaposes the good. It is no surprise that the why you play basketball? Are you a boy? questions have followed me through life. Nor do I flinch when grown men approach me when I’m simply bouncing a basketball along the street, insisting that they are better than me and challenging me to a game. Some even went as far as betting money reminding myself to take off the “Best Ball Player Ever” sign stuck on my head. The way females are viewed in sports has always bothered me. In this case, I ruminate about the
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