Why Be a King When You Could Be a God?

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They say that you know you’ve done something amazing when the person receiving your good deed will never be able to repay you. When you owe someone your entire life, it means they did something extraordinary; it means they put their heart and soul into your heart and soul. I’m not talking about someone picking up your books for you when they come erupting from your hands as you’re walking down the hall; I’m talking about someone standing with you when the world is dark and full of despair – being your strength when you’re weak. And for me, I’m talking about Marshall Mathers (AKA Eminem, Slim Shady). All I can do is try to explain the significance he has to me, to thank him, to pay homage, but there’s no way that I could ever give him a gift like he gave me – and that’s worth talking about. It was Christmas Eve of 2000: my nine year-old brother was given The Marshall Mathers LP from our uncle. I remember everyone looking around the room – almost completely silent due to the surprise of a child’s gift with the words “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” written all over the cover of it. I was only five so my favorite songs were from The Wizard of Oz and I was clueless as to why this CD was such a big deal, but in the next months I found myself consumed by the man rapping on the speakers in my brother’s room. Let’s flash forward, though. Now I’m ten: the world is no longer rainbows and kindergarten. My world turned dark that year, yet there I was standing tall; putting
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