Why Become A Doctor Essay

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Hello I am Marcus Mims, and there are many reasons why I am interested in becoming a Doctor. A Doctor is something who has the ability to impact someone’s life in a positive way. My life explains how much impact a Doctor can have on someone’s life. I am an identical twin born premature at 26 weeks weighing 1 pound 8 ounces, spending 68 days in the NICU. I was born at Michael Reese Hospital which was located in the Bronzville neighborhood on the south side of Chicago . The fact I was born premature, caused me to have other medical issues such as, being diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at three months old. In the early 2000’s Michael Reese was facing huge financial problems so my health records were transferred to Children’s Memorial Hospital which was located in the…show more content…
It is often said the journey to become a Doctor is a difficult path, but I feel my life has prepared me well for that journey. My journey has been a difficult one ,spending my toddler years in the Hospital having Shunt Revisions. Something that tought me was that throughout my life I would have to be a fighter. Many people would view having Hydrocephalus has a negative thing, but I view it as a positive thing because I learned to endure pain and overcome obstacles at a young age. Learning to overcome as a toddler helped me a lot in the future years. My academic journey is an even difficult one compared to medical journey. This is because being born premature I was delayed, so to help me develop I attended an early intervention program which helped me develop skills I would need for school. In the early intervention program I also received speech therapy .The jump from early intervention to regular education was a difficult one. When I started elementary school I struggled, so in order for me to be successful I stayed after school for special reading and math help. This extra helped paid off, because I started to become more independent in my academic development using less help to be successful in
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