Why Birth Control Should Be Taught in Schools

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The majority of adults may find abstinence only education appropriate but, birth control must be taught in schools. Schools should teach about birth control because students will have a better understanding how birth control works and it would decrease unwanted pregnancy in the future.
“I know abstinence is the only 100 percent way of preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases” said Debbie Sandland. ( Day, Brenda 1) This is an example that the majority of adults prefer abstinence only education and find it appropriate. Debbie believes that abstinence is the only way to prevent pregnancy and STD’s. Yes, it is true but abstinence is not the best method to teach students because abstinence only education is not based on science and sex education programs needs to be based on science, not political or religious dogma. (Tucker Cynthia B6) “By teaching them methods of birth control, I think we are giving them a false sense of security,” Barry said.(Day, Brenda 1) This is another example of majority of adults finding abstinence only education appropriate. In my opinion, we are not giving teens a false sense of security by teaching them about birth control. We are just teaching them that are different options and they might need to use those options later on in life.
If schools taught birth control, it would decrease abortion rates because students would have a better understanding on how birth control works. There is a high amount of teenagers that get pregnant
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