Why Bother? Response Essay

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Why Bother? Response Essay Reading someone else’s essay about any certain subject can provide an interesting perspective about said topic or work being submitted. Yet, some can be very convincing. In the motivational essay, “Why Bother?” written by Michael Pollan, asks the question, “why bother?” Now, the reader may think that the essay might be talking about how doing something of their choice might just be a complete waste of time, but why judge a piece of writing by just the title? In this case it is a totally different scenario. Michael Pollan actually motivates the reader in many different sort of ways in order to act even thought I might be too late. In this essay, Pollan writes about how climate change is threatening, the very planet we live on and it might be too late to do something about it, that we simply do not have the funds or even the will power to actually solve the situation. He continues on to tell the readers that instead of living a “cheap-energy” mind, which refers to just going on and living your life and not really care about the environment. Instead, Pollan encourages us to possibly think about the situation and try to figure out a way the reader can help. In addition, he argues that most of our society is fixed upon not caring about the environment, and no amount of money, government laws can change that. Although it seems that we cannot help change to help the environment, Pollan provides a strong message in multitude of ways throughout the essay
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