Why Boxing Should Be Banned

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Detrimental is one reason why professional boxing should be prohibited in the United States. According to James Holloway, “The British, American, Canadian and Australian Medical Associations have all called for an end to boxing, citing the high risk of brain damage and other injuries.” (Holloway, 21-22) Four major medical associations all agreed that boxing should be banned due to its harmful effects. One harmful effect being brain damage which could cause boxers to be more prone to mental deterioration. Mental deterioration could then lead to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. On the same note, Nick Mancini reveals, “The American Association of Neurological Surgeons say 90 percent of boxers suffer some kind of brain injury while boxing.” (Mancini, 22-23) Almost no boxer is safe from brain damage. The brain controls the whole body, so if damage occurs to it, this could lead to deleterious consequences on the rest of the body. According to Mailer, “Paret died on his feet.” (Mailer, 35) Paret has died in the ring solely from boxing interactions. This is just one of many deaths caused by professional boxing. Clyde Haberman writes, “There had been plenty of ring-related deaths before then (and since: 10 worldwide in a typical year).” (Haberman, 34-35) Every year, ten people die merely due to boxing. Professional boxing is extremely damaging, that it can even be fatal. Fatal, not only to the professional boxers themselves, but also to those around them. “Them” could be family,
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