Why Boys Stupid Quotes

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Top 5 Reason's Why Boys are Stupid Reason 1: A guy knows you like him and he know he likes you, but when you get together he pays you know attention and acts real rude. THATS JUST STUPID ! Reason 2: Guys are so stupid they will try to talk to girls that they know are friends and then when they get caught. THEY JUST SIT AND LOOK STUPID LIKE THEY DID NOTHING WRONG....BOYS ARE JUST STUPID !!!!!! Reason 3: Guys try to lie , but as girls they can't look at us with a straight face, then start to stamble with words. GET YOUR THOUGHTS AND LIES TOGETHER BEFORE YOU GET WITH YOUR GIRLFRIEND STUPID ! Reason 4: BOYS THINK THEY ARE MEN WHEN IN REALITY THEY ARE NOT MATURE AT ALL....WANA BE MEN EWWWWW ! THATS JUST REALLY STUPID TO ME ! Reason 5: AND LAST
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