Why Breastfeeding Is The Best Choice For Mom And Baby

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Becoming a mother is an amazing life event. Woman instinctively want to protect and provide for others but as mothers, they up their game because that is their precious little human they created and grew for 9 months in their bodies. Mothers to be carefully choose and plan out every little detail over the next 9 months. Expecting mothers give up some vices like coffee, caffeine, and alcohol. They pick up new healthier eating habits and baby proof the house. Buy the safest crib and car seats. Read all the reviews on which diapers are best quality. All because they want the best for their precious little bundle of joy. How they choose to feed the baby is no different. While breastfeeding can be time consuming; the minimal cost, ease of convenience and added health benefits are why breastfeeding is the best choice for mom and baby.
Breastfeeding not only requires very little financial commit but it also can lower future healthcare costs. Nursing a baby is essential free. The mother’s body natural produces the milk and the baby is placed to the breast for feeding. No bottles, drying racks, bottle brushes, milk warmers, ect are required. Mothers can opt to purchase specialized accessories such as a nursing bra and breast pads for a minimal cost. These are reusable and washable accessories but are not required. Breastfeeding can save a family $ 800-3,000 a year depending on the type of manufactured formula that could be used in place of the breastmilk. Health care cost are
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