Why Bullying Is An Act Of Survival

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Bullying can be traced back to the beginning of time, but only recently has it become a national problem in schools. Donegan(2012) explains how the desire to survive is part of instinct among all living things due to the multitude of species and limited natural resources on the planet which requires species to compete. There has been a constant drive to out-perform others in order to have our needs and wants met. According to Small (2007), research on nonhuman primates has shown how monkey and ape groups work because of the rank that has been put in place, but also cause troubles as everyone wants to be highly ranked. She compares nonhuman primates competing for the higher rank with human bullying as it excludes others from groups and reinforces their power among the group (Small, 2007). These competitive instincts have remained in the human race as it evolves. Bullying starts off as an act of survival. Bullying is instilled in the social, economic and education realms as the capitalist society unconsciously tells us that success and wealth go hand in hand (Donegan, 2012). This idea has been inculcated as a survival tactic from a very young age. For instance, as soon as a child enters school, he or she is taught to be the best they can be. Later, this idea develops into a competition to get ahead to the point that students have to resort to violence to be above the rest (Donegan, 2012) .
Bullying in adolescence Bullying is an issue that exists in schools and other
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