Why Bullying Is Bad Or Bad?

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Why people Bully
All around the world, many people today are bullied, and mistreated by others. There is not much of a definite reasoning to why one bullies, and puts other people down, but there are speculations to this problem. Many causes to why people bully one another is because the bully has insecurities of their own, they are jealous of their victim, family problems arise, and they like having the power that bullying has on others.
Not only does bullying affect many throughout the world, but there is many different types of bullying that affect many people. There are commonly four different types of bullying. These include physical bullying, in which is when one hits, punches, kicks, or pinches another person. Also there is verbal bullying, that is when any type of rude remark is made upon another. Another type of bullying is social bullying, in which it results to one trying to harm ones social reputation, by humiliating them or spreading rumors about them. Lastly is cyber bullying, and that is a type of bullying where it occurs through technology, and it can happen to anyone at any time. Even though there are different types of bullying, it does not matter which one is done by to someone, it just takes one bully to hurt another’s feelings, or put their self-esteem down.
The first cause that can lead many to bully is having insecurities. Insecurities is when someone has the lack of confidence within themselves, and this will lead many to bully others.
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