Why Burn Injury Is Important

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A burn injury is one of the most painful injuries a person can sustain. Burns not only take a long time to heal, they also leave permanent scarring. The best course of action is to avoid sustaining a burn injury. However, that can be hard—especially for those that work in careers that involve fire or chemicals. Luckily, you can take some steps to help reduce the likelihood of suffering from a burn injury. So what should safety tips should you remember when you're in the heat of it at work? Here are three essential tips: 1. Address Risks Quickly If you notice that there is a potential risk for burns, notify someone immediately. If you observe this risk in your workplace, make sure that your boss knows about it. In other situations, make…show more content…
Another thing that can cause severe burn injuries are chemicals. A chemical burn will often have the same symptoms as a traditional burn, so they are typically classified the same. This is important to know, as you may need to be even more cautious in your work place. If you do work with chemicals, ensure that you wear the proper safety gear. If safety gear is not available to you, alert your boss (and again, have witnesses). 3. Know Containment Procedures Finally, make sure you know the proper containment procedures for fires and/or chemical spills. There are a lot of different methods for putting out fires—and some methods can only be used for specific types of fire. For example, an oil or grease fire should never be put out with water. Instead, you should use salt or baking soda. By knowing exactly how to handle a fire, you'll decrease the likelihood of sustaining a painful burn injury. In addition to knowing the containment procedures, it is also important that the containment vessels are in good condition. If they are not functional and clean, let your boss know. It is important that this issue is addressed quickly, so that you—or another employee—do not sustain
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