Why Canada Is A Nation Built On Immigration, And As The World

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Canada is a nation built on immigration, and as the world becomes an ever increasingly hostile place more and more have chosen to try and make Canada their home. This melting pot of different cultures has created an overall atmosphere of acceptance, and is teaching younger generations a sense of community, empathy, and togetherness. Sharing our space and learning to grow with different ethnicities has perpetuated our status as a friendly, caring, and loyal nation, that many are willing to risk everything for in exchange for becoming a part of it. Although recent "terrorist" events in the past years have stirred up an almost accepted racism, this especially can be seen South of the border, but many patriotic Canadians can be seen helping those who have been wrongly labelled due to extremist views of a few. We not only see this helping hand extended inside our borders, but all over the world as our role as peace keepers continue in many different humanitarian missions. It is well known that many parents encourage their children to attach small badges of the Canadian flag to the outside of their backpacks, as it has become a recognizable and welcomed sign worldwide; Many people often have stories that are somehow linked, or have had their lives in someway or another touched by a fellow Canadian. These connections can form mutually beneficial and life long friendships that perpetuate Canada 's reputation. Early History Like many immerging nations, starting out in the

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