Why Canada Is A Social Policy Perspective

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1. Canada is known to be one of the most developed countries in the world, with a wide range of social programs that contribute to a high-standard of living. As with many mixed economies, Canada could be described as a 'welfare society ', meaning that the government plays a major role in ensuring the well-being of its citizens. This comes in the form of free healthcare, access to education, employment insurance and various other social programs. Despite Canada 's record of being a fiscally balanced and responsible nation, there are still several pressing issues facing the economy and country as a whole, specifically from a social policy perspective. Four key issues include: I. Senior Citizen Income Security It is estimated that by 2030,…show more content…
(Service Canada, 2013) As a senior policy analyst, I would purpose that the Government of Canada take steps to educate citizens about the importance of individual household fiscal responsibility, and having a personal retirement fund. I would also suggest creating an incentive that gives major employers a tax break, in exchange for providing their employees with private sector retirement and pension plans. II. Low-income Assistance The Canadian ‘Welfare’ system provides financial support to citizens in need and attempts to ensure that individuals and families are not at risk of living in poverty. While this policy works in theory, there are many flaws to the system, which hurt the average citizen, as opposed to protecting them. For example, it is nearly impossible for someone to apply for low-income assistance, if they have any type of savings in the bank. In essence, this means for an individual in need, they must first drain their entire savings, retirement and education accounts, before becoming eligible for provincial benefits. This makes it incredibly difficult for someone to escape the welfare system and cycle of poverty, essentially forcing them to become destitute. (Mosebraalen, 2010) The guidelines surrounding a Welfare recipient’s right to work also complicate the process. Working part-time or even temporary jobs will disqualify an individual from receiving benefits. Often times, this will discourage people from even trying to find employment. As
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