Why Canada Should Increase Female Participation

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Why Canada Snowboard should increase female participation Across all areas of society increasing gender equality has become an important and popular topic. Many industries are taking action to help create equal opportunities for both men and women, although Myers and Doherty (2007) suggest there is ,“ A considerable amount of work still to be done to achieve equality for women in sport” (p.323). Placing emphasis on the role of sport and societal issues Mulholland (2012) claims, “Sport is a viable tool for addressing gender inequality and empowering girls and women.” (p.17). The inequality of male to female participation is especially present in snowboarding, as stated by the Women’s Snowboard Federation, “Female participation rates in snowboarding are significantly lower than the distribution of the general population” (Women’s Snowboard Federation). This paper will discuss the Canadian snowboard industry, and why it is important for their organization to reach out into the Canadian sport community and increase the number of female participants. Although the Canadian snowboard industry is predominantly male, the current changing tone of this male dominated industry presents an ideal opportunity to make changes effectively and efficiently to pursue gender equal opportunities and in the distribution of programming. Coakely (2009) claims that sport is a socially constructed institution that changes according to cultural context; affects other realms of our culture like
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