Why Canada Should Take A Substantive Approach For Women 's Representation Essay

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This essay will argue why Canada should take a substantive approach to women’s representation in parliament. Having an adequate representation of women in parliament would be a huge turning point for women and allow their voices to be heard. Each woman holds a different view, just like men do. Each gender and person will bring their own view forth and allow for a diverse House. The issue is that women are not getting adequate representation, and therefore are not being able to represent their views. Men have a much larger congregation than women, therefore overpowering the views/ideologies of them. In Canada, everyone strives for equality, and the best place to start is to take a substantive approach to women’s representation in parliament. Women play a huge role in society and are becoming more predominant in parliament as the years progress. The issue? They only represent 38.6% of seats in the upper house/senate (Women in national parliaments, 2016). This is a huge problem considering women make up 50% of Canada’s population. Does that statistic prove that women are not getting adequate representation in parliament? The rights of women need to be addressed, maybe not in parliament, but through representation in numbers in parliament. Women are just as equally qualified for parliamentary jobs as men, and the more that this truth is pushed, the more representation women will get. This truth is only realized by some, as the numbers previously show, but the only way for women
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