Why Canadians Should Rethink Their Lifestyle

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Will McAvoy, the news anchor of HBO’s hit TV-drama The Newsroom once said, “The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one”. Canadians have heard of climate change cries for decades. However, this constant bombardment has lost its effect. As a result, Canadians have been taking baby steps towards resolving this environmental issue. The changes in the ecosystem of Canada and other countries around the world are discussed constantly. The fact is humans are using up the Earth’s resources before they can be replenished. Canadians should reevaluate their lifestyle because their fundamental survival needs such as: land, water and air are being affected tremendously. Through a goal shared by the Canadian Government, big corporations and the average Canadian, that’s when true change can occur. The government passes, enforces and dismantles laws. At the current state of Canada’s technology advancement, there are numerous changes that they can make in order to reduce the negative impact on our land, water and air. For land, the government can enforce green agricultural practices. Through integrated land and water management, the Canadian government can aid agriculture companies by preventing desertification. The government may also enforce the use of vegetative covers, mixed farming practices and appropriate agriculture processes for each ecosystem. The majority of all Canadian agriculture is practiced in the middle provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
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