Why Cap And Trade Is A Better Solution

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Andrew Moylan, a conservative who advocates free market and limited government, has argued that carbon tax is the less complex and better guarantee solution to carbon reduction; however, the main purpose of this paper is to rebut his argument and to present why Cap-and-Trade is a better solution compare to other solution in controlling variables, ensuring social justice and last expanding global regulation on carbon dioxide. In which how cap and trade can reduce carbon emission and save the earth from climate change becomes the fundamental question. Consisting passion on the environment more than economy, I construct my point of view base on a belief that all human beings feel connected to the environment and take responsibilities in regulating themselves, thus this paper reflects a macro level perspective. My central assumptions are that first, that the government or agency have already figured out the target setting in which encourages emission reduction but stimulates technological innovation. Secondly, the trading systems between corporations are transparent and honest. Last, I am also assuming that there can only be one solution to carbon reduction. As a result of dumping unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into the atmosphere, we have exceed planetary boundary, thus the government should immediately regulate and monitor carbon emission in order to prevent growing consequences of climate change. Through concepts such as technological hubris and Jevon’s paradox, I will
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