Why Capital Punishment Should Be Reinstated in Australia

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Australian society has ultimately rejected the idea of the practice of capital punishment making a return into the Australian law books. However, events such as the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the Bali bombings have ensured that the spotlight once again shines on the controversial subject. I am in favour of the practice returning to Australia for heinous crimes such as murder, child molestation, serial rapists, and people who commit acts of animal cruelty. This is because: • The death penalty deters crime • The victim or those close to the victim deserve justice and will receive closure • It’s far more economical to execute prisoners locked away • DNA testing reduces the risks of mistakes being made • The death penalty…show more content…
I acknowledge that the occasional execution of an innocent person is a tragic event, and the answer is not to dismantle the system, but to exercise even more care in its application. My fifth and final point is that the death penalty doesn’t violate the right to life. Once you commit a serious crime such as murder, rape or child molestation, you destroy many lives and the damage can be irreparable! Through the destruction of another person’s right to life, you forfeit the right you held to your own life. We cannot condone the fact that grandmothers such as 78-year-old Josephine Cesnik was beaten and threatened in her own home earlier this year. Mrs. Cesnik died nine days later, afraid of seeking help because she feared her attacker would return and kill her. We cannot condone the fact that eight-year-old Sofia Rodriguez Urrutia-Shu was raped and murdered in a Perth public toilet in June 2006. Mrs. Cesnik’s family was robbed of a loving grandmother, while the Urrutia-Shu family lost a sweet, quiet little girl. These cowards have completely shattered many lives, while the both the Howard and Rudd governments have the audacity and hypocrisy to allow 6 members of the Bali Nine to be executed by firing squad overseas! A twisted life allowed to continue cannot redeem the innocent life taken, nor can it repair the lives destroyed. Bibliography •

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