Why Caregivers Are Neglecting And Abusing Residents

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Millions of people wish there was a magic pill to stay young and healthy forever, but we all know that’s just an illusion. Many people are being compelled to depend on others for twenty four hour care as their health fails them. Taking care of people should be a privilege to caregivers and they should show the utmost respect to whom they are caring for at the time. Family members may have a hard time placing their loved ones in a nursing home due to the fact that they may not receive the proper care they are entitled to. Among different people they have experienced personal problems while staying in different nursing homes. Neglect and abuse are the top problems, some residents face when they have to reside in a nursing home. There…show more content…
When a resident is suffering from neglect their needs have not been met by their nurse’s assistant. One reason why neglect and abuse is among nursing homes are due to stress of many factors in the work environment. Nursing assistants are responsible for a certain number of residents depending on the staff. Being that caring for people is already stressful enough when the staff is shorthanded, it causes more stress on certified nurse assistants. Working in a nursing homes shorthanded countless times I have become stressed and the residents weren’t able to receive the care that they needed. In fact, when a caregiver has more residents than they intended to have they become more aggravated with the residents and may raise their voice at the residents without thinking and that is a form of abuse. In his book Seaton mentions, “Understaffing is serious. Its leads to sickness – both of residents and of overworked nurses and nurses’ aides – and even to death” (101). For this reason, understaffing is a major problem in nursing homes and effect not only the residents, but the staff as well. Also due to the understaffing nurse assistant aren’t able to receive the proper training necessary to care for residents. In the same book Seaton also mentions, “Nurses’ assistants or aides are the healthcare workers with the least formal training”
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