Ancient Egypt: Fido Or Kitty?

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Fido or Kitty?

In ancient Egypt, they held cats up high for poise and grace; they even had a goddess cat, named Bast (Bastet). When Egyptians lost their cat, they would mourn as if they lost a family member. To kill a cat, even accidentally, was an automatic death sentence. Cats were believed to be guardians of the gates of hell, and to prevent demons, ghouls, and spirits from escaping, and prevent them from entering homes of humans. So why people find this animal cute, adorable, and friendly is beyond me. Who would want a pet that was held up to be a god? That people have killed over and treated like a human? That is associated with hell and all its demons? Animals aren’t human, so these cats should be treated exactly like pets. Not
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Another nasty habit with cats is spraying. When an un-neutered male cat feels threatened, he will spray urine everywhere, as a way of marking his territory, and claiming what’s his. They don’t care where they spray. They will go all over your house if they
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