Why Cave Art Has Been A Popular Form Of Art During Prehistoric Period

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Cave Art has been a popular form of art during prehistoric period with there being records of rock art in a variety of various places ranging from Africa, Asia and Australia to Europe and the Americas. Some of the earliest example of cave art goes back as far as 40,000 years ago in Europe with “200 cave painting sites found in France” (Kelly and Thomas, 2016, p.255) such as the Cave of Niaux, as well as Creswell Crags in England and the Cave of El Castillo in Spain as well as a variety of others. Throughout the world a common imagery is seen in the paintings with them being consisted of animals and very little of actual humans, the reason for this type of imagery is not known hence why the interpretation of upper Palaeolithic cave art has been a disputed topic resulting in a variety of theories being constructed in order to explain the existence of the cave art which were constructed. Over time there has been many theories which have been accepted and rejected, however there has not been one agreed general idea, some of the popular ideas which have been established although are that the paintings were set to establish boundary markers, to be used as part of hunting magic / shamanism or they may have just simply have been art to admire. Yet there has been no certain answer established as each theory seems to be continuously disregarded and soon replaced with another, however as time as gone on people have begun to not try and answer this question as they believe that it is

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