Why Cell Phones Should Not Be Allowed In School

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Anybody having their belongings confiscated can feel a multitude of emotions from annoyed, enraged, disrespected, etc. But is this allowed, and does it follow the constitutional right to be protected from unreasonable search and seizure. Does this affect individuals when it comes to places such as school where administration is held responsible for the children? Even in these specific circumstances no one is legally allowed to search the through the contents of anyone’s phone, so privacy is still respected and reward by the judicial system as constitutional.
Information stored on cell phones range from embarrassing to incriminating and protect people’s rights to not readily allow this very personal information to anybody whether it be a school official or a police officer. Protects personal interest and is safe under the fourth amendment, and luckily many courts agree to. This helps keeps individuals free of seemly unfair punishments for things that might have not been in progress or recent petty events. Shown in cases like Gallimore V. Henrico …show more content…

This has left school up in arms over whether or not they’re allowed to search through students’ phones without repercussions. This comes with its own sets of problems and benefits. It benefits the individuals who would like to have their privacy kept and abuses can happen like the Pennsylvania school using the student phone to cause unnecessary disruption, but it could also be a big disservice to as it allows many preventable acts from happening more frequently acts such as cheating, bullying, and drug sales acts that are often caught or perpetrated through phones and social media. (p.1,2,3) Creating a real barrier to schools doing the job assigned to them to protect children with in the walls of the

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