Why Change Is Becoming More And More Important Within Businesses

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Change Being Led by an Individual that is not Top-Management or Leadership Positions Since the mid-2000s, organizational change has become an ongoing matter in the business world. With new technology, fast-paced markets, and rising competition businesses must be aware of the new trends and make sure that their business are as well. That is why change is becoming more and more important within businesses (Aguirre & Alpern, 2014). It is very common while working in an organization that one will either witness or assist in some type of organizational change regardless of what position they hold within the business. That is why including employees in the change is so important. Successful change happens at the bottom and works its way through.…show more content…
There are so many levels and obstacles to go through to implement things that often time you will find individuals not even wanting to participate or assist in the change because too many people are involved. In most organizations you will find leaders and managers working together with employees to execute change. The employee’s ideas, suggestions, and feedback are essential pieces for some organizations. Leaders and managers involve all levels to ensure everyone understands is on board. Unfortunately, the VA does not view it that way. Leaders and managers are the only ones will power. They are expected to implement change and quickly. Most times, they put out “action items.” These items have specific deadlines on them where the chief of staff and higher personnel get notified when the task or change has been completed or implemented. Some “action items” have one to two week deadlines, while others have one or two day deadlines. All are different depending upon how big or small or how important it is. In that time frame leaders and managers, but learn the information themselves, distribute the information, teach employees, and respond back stating that everyone has been made aware and are now utilizing the new change. Most times, that is how change is implemented within the VA. In addition, if people are not leaders, managers, or top level executives then you are completely left in the dark. There is no preparing for change or informing employees of it.
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