Why Cheating Is Becoming More Prevalent Of Today 's Education System

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Sitting in class as a freshman in high school, Jonny looks around during his test as the teacher stepped out of the room. He hears the loud whispering voices of his peers discussing the unknown answers. Thinking to himself he contemplates asking his friends for answers. He assumes it is acceptable because everyone around him is doing it, so he decided to take part in the discussion. When the teacher returns everyone is silent. No one was caught and no one is going to get into trouble. The scheme was successful. Students are now finding ways to make cheating acceptable. Generally students only want to get their work done rather than truly learn the material. Causes of cheating is becoming more prevalent in today’s education system because it is becoming easier to get around the rules, there are many pressures, and students do not always get punished as they should.
To excel in a subject, students will do whatever it takes. A class that a student may succeed in without cheating, they are now beginning to cheat because they want to spend less time and continue to obtain good grades. All students spend an excessive amount of time in school doing work, and they do not want to go home and continue their schoolwork. They feel like they will be at a set back if every student is cheating, then they believe they have to cheat in order to keep up with the others.
Many times peer pressure is a huge factor for why cheating begins. Students are smart enough to achieve their goals it is…
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