Why Children Commit Crimes Have Been Going On For Over Decades?

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Studies on why children commit crimes have been going on for over decades. Many researchers have yet to find the reason as to why under aged individuals act the way they do. Although, there isn’t a correct answer as to why children do commit crimes, there have been various studies that show what could cause the minor to act in such a way. Transfer laws would be beneficial because it would help under aged individuals stay on the right track. If minors break the law and commit crimes they should be treated as adults so they know what to expect and what not to do. Minors being tried as adults in adult judicial systems can have a major effect on today’s society. Society is today’s world or a group of people that share the same interests or…show more content…
(Wickliffe) Parents or guardians who fail to supervise their children could result in high amounts of immoral behavior. The child feels as if they are not being watched or censored into doing the “right” things then they basically do not know their rights from wrongs. Children that behave this way usually have made it a habit by the time they reach their early teenage years. If the parent or guardian has been careless when it comes to caring and nurturing for the child then it will be hard for the child to break this habit. In situations like these, the minor has been exposed to such a bad lifestyle, it could be too late to turn it around. Transfer laws would benefit this situation in a many positive ways, because if the child commits a heinous crime then they would be tried as an adult. The minor being tried as an adult would open up their eyes and show them what they are doing could result in retribution. Families also affect the way the child acts because they are too strict or erratic. Some underage individuals feel like they are trapped because they have little to no freedom. Most parents or guardians are strict on their children because they are scared of what could happen to them or
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