Why Children Should Not Be Taught In School

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”Too many of todays kids have straight teeth and crooked morals...”(Anonymous). Today, there is so many kids that end up in some sort of trouble, or in a terrible situation, because of their misbehavior. The kids are mainly misbehaving in their household, or in school. In my opinion, enough is enough, we must take control of this big problem. Young kids are constantly in trouble at home, and especially with the law. In 2005 while striking down the death penalty of juveniles, the Supreme court declared that because of their youth, their brains is less developed which makes the more impulsive to get in trouble. What does this mean? While they are young, children are very liable to get in trouble. They are more subject to peer pressure, which makes them focus more on temporary happiness and less on the long-term consequences they could face because of their behavior.…show more content…
Forty-two states are currently have laws stating that the kids who commit crimes with get life without parole. This shows that these states want children with behavior issues to stay in jail, and not be included with other children especially in the school systems. I agree with the idea that bad behavior should not be tolerated, or spread anymore than what it has already spread to. For the children who create crimes at such a young age should be punished, because if they are not punished, they will never learn. This will cause them to repeat their bad behavior if there is no consequences set in place for them. So when will we wake up to this issue? We have more children with bad behavior than children who have good behavior. Will we take control? Or will we let this situation control our society? I believe that if we all stand together and battle this issue, the task will be completed in the matter of
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