Why China Won 't Overtake The United States Authored By Stephen G. Brooks

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1. Introduction
The article titled Why China Won’t Overtake the United States authored by Stephen G. Brooks and William C. Wohlforth brings up many valid points and statistical data to support the thesis of the piece however, it is mainly presented from a liberal idealist point of view. While I agree with, ‘as the saying goes’, great power comes great responsibility, I do not agree with the articles premise or false assumption that a provisional “technological gap” or lack of Nobel Prizes and scientific citations matter much in the way of predicting the future geopolitical actions or capability of any country. Especially one as customarily isolated and historically unpredictable as China.
2. Discussion
During the “duck and cover” era of the cold war when people in the US worried about Russian mushroom clouds and an ensuing tank invasion of Europe, we know that the two true ‘hot wars’ of the cold war both took place in Asia, the war in Korea and the war in Vietnam. While both undeniably included the clandestine involvement of the Soviet Union, history tells us that both of those conflicts were at the very least logistically, if not directly, proxy wars with Communist China. In fact, due to the heavy toll of American blood and treasure lost in both of those wars, the great take away but generally overlooked lesson of the cold war was probably the implicated importance of perspective in the management of US - China relations.
Since then eight US Presidential administrations

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