Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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”Why Chinese Mothers are Superior”
It is impossible to deny the difficulty of childrearing. There is no manual but there are indeed methods more ethically correct than others. This is of course a subjective matter and often leads to endless discussions. The ways of childrearing have changed over the years and varies a lot based on the environment/country surrounding the parents and their children. In the article, “Why Chines Mothers are Superior”, Amy Chua, the professor at Yale law school, attempts to justify her method of childrearing. Amy Chua is convinced that her way of raising children is the correct way out of the many ways possible.
Amy Chua puts emphasis on the differences between the Western and Chinese child raising methods.
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Amy Chua shows the reader that this rough way of parenting is more than just a strict method with the following quote: "Mommy, look—it's easy!" After that, she wanted to play the piece over and over and wouldn't leave the piano. That night, she came to sleep in my bed, and we snuggled and hugged, cracking each other up.”
This quote functions as a pathos argument and it shows humanity and love which is barely visible in her way of parenting. Once the results are achieved, the child is allowed to relax and receive love from her parents. This love appeared after many days of yelling and pushing the child to its limits. The only way Amy Chua truly justifies her way of parenting is by saying that her use of threats, yelling and generally damaging her children with psychological violence amounts to her child achieving success and overcoming her struggles. By forcing the child to not give up, results are created and that is a positive thing to some degree.
It can be discussed whether or not the Chinese parents raise their children and do what they do out of pure love to their children or if it is a competition and a self-centered act. Parenting in the west focuses on the feelings of the child and whatever the child is passionate about, the parents support. A western parent would never call their children fat and ugly with the
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