Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior

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There are many types of parents around us, and every culture shows something different. There are types of parenting styles and some of them are authoritarian, indulgent, and uninvolved. Every culture falls under one of the parenting styles and Chinese are considered authoritarian. Amy Chua, a Yale professor, a famous author, who recently wrote the book, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, in which she discuses parenting and the difference between Chinese and Western parenting. After reading “ Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior”, she argues about different parenting styles and how Chinese parents are superior in terms of focusing on education with their kids. According to the Toulmin model, Amy Chua claims that Chinese parents raise their kids successfully on the grounds that deal with academic stress on children. She talks about the study of 50 western and 48 Chinese mothers, which show that western parents think that “ stress academic success is not good for children” where roughly one of the Chinese parents think the same as the western parents. Also, other studies show that Chinese parents spend 10 times more then western parent with their kids with academic activities. Western parents think that they need to allow kids to take education as playing activities, which are fun, and barely hard. Chinese parents believe that successful parenting leads to children’s academic success. If somehow they did not excel at school, they believe that it is the parent’s fault, not the
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