Why Class Matters Analysis

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I found it easy reading the book Class matters. To me it was a very interesting book, therefore I was engaged. When I read something that entertains me, I remember many of the important quotes. Therefore, it was easy finding quotes for my essay. When I write my essay to me having the quotes is what builds my whole essay. By having an easy access to quotes it was simple jotting down my knowledge on the topic. I mostly wrote about what I've learned by experience, and what I am passionate about. Writing this essay was not all that simple. Like on most of my writing I struggle with grammar, and commas. Based on my rubric. I was graded the highest with both demonstrating claims and reasons, and keeping my writing relevant to thesis. I agree with…show more content…
Hearing readers of these books made me choose more intense and exciting. I believe I chose the perfect book for me. It was indeed beautiful writing for me. Like Ms.young had said “ I It made me love reading”, and indeed it made me love reading as well. Reading it was not only the fun part of it, writing was as well. Getting to write about its events and how it relates to today was a very interesting topic It was easy to find quotes to relate this with current events, since I was so engaged in the book. Getting to know how the word has changed since the Vietnam war was really interesting as well, but like any piece of writing I struggled. On this writing piece based on my rubric I struggles with clearly introducing my claim, and interpreting my quotes. I agree with this, and I will keep on working at it by trying to find evidence on the topic. I although did a good job at introducing background, and having relevant evidence. I believe talking over my essay and finding little pieces to fix with Mrs. Harris was the best for me. This helped me look at how much I need to improve and how i should always read my essay…show more content…
I believe I made a great choice deciding to make a video and working with Perla. It was fun making a script and acting. I love acting which made it even better. Taking our time and going out of our ways to dress up and waking up at 8 in the morning to get the perfect lighting was a struggle, but so worth it. I believe Perla and I did a great Job focusing on the satire, and our acting skills. It was easy using satire, since perla and I are very sarcastic bean. It was hard fing an app to help edit the video. Once I found it though it was so much fun putting everything together. Adding all of the music was the garnish to the video. Perla and I felt like we were missing the bloopers, which would've been so funny. Other than that I am very proud of the work Perla and I put together. It was so much fun and I learned things I had no idea about. I will love to do a video again on any project given to
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