Why Clay Was So Involved With Jason 's Recovery

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Steve began questioning why Clay was so involved with Jason’s recovery. He also began to see some deficits in their income and realized that they were experiencing financial difficulty for the first time in years. Clay reports that Steve began to question him about that as well and that without Clay’s knowledge Steve did some digging into where money had gone and realized that Clay had been spending a lot more money than normal, but there wasn’t much evidence as to what he spent it on. One night on the way home from dinner with Clay’s family Steve began questioning Clay about where he was spending the money. They began to argue and Steve began to ask questions about Jason as well. The argument became very heated and physical as they…show more content…
His family, particularly his sister, urged him to seek psychological help again. They were worried that he would try to attempt suicide as he had when he was struggling with coming out. Clay was resistant at first, but eventually he was receiving pressure from friends, his employer and even Steve approached him about seeking help and possibly restarting bipolar medication. He did agree to then go see a psychiatrist and a therapist. Clay was accompanied by his sister to the psychiatrist where he underwent some assessments. The psychiatrist confirmed the bipolar diagnoses and prescribed medications to assist with his bipolar disorder. However, Clay struggles to take the medicine consistently, especially when he is not experiencing depressive symptoms. Additionally, Clay agreed to meet with a therapist. He reports that he did not spend a lot of time trying to find a therapist and that his primary concern was cost as he has a very high deductible with his insurance. Therefore, he did not vet the therapist nor did he get much information other than what he could find on the internet. Clay met with him for an initial assessment, but stated he was not comfortable with him, because as he described it he felt the therapist was a “typical religious southerner”. Clay did not state anything specific that the therapist said that disturbed him. However, he was uncomfortable with posters and books that he saw in the office, because Clay believed they were

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