Why Climate Change Affects Us

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Brooke Strickland English 1001 December 1, 2014 Why Climate Change Affects Us The weather and climate change play a detrimental role in society’s health. A lot of people have argued back and forth about the affects that climate change has on society. Some people have thought it has affected us negatively while others thought differently. The spread of diseases increases with changes of temperature and other natural elements. For example higher temperatures increase cases of salmonella and other food-borne diseases. This happens all over the states. For instance, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) estimates 26 million to 74 million foodborne diseases in Louisiana. Having known this, it is important for us to realize the affects climate change has on air-borne diseases. Water-borne illness’ is another issue that affects Louisiana. Climatic conditions strongly affect water-borne diseases and diseases transmitted through insects, snails or other cold-blooded animals. Heavy rainfall increases water level while increasing water-borne parasites. A few examples of those are Cryptosporidium and Giardia that are found mostly in drinking water. Cryptosporidium is currently affecting 2 percent of the population. These parasites can cause death. One of the most common contracted illnesses from a beach is gastroenteritis, which is an inflammation of the stomach, and intestines that can cause vomiting, headaches, and fever. Because of flooding and other
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