Why Coaches Should Be A Champion Coach

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Introduction: Importance of Coaches Coaches are involved in every sport, whether someone is playing football or even chess team. Each coach own his/her own special style of coaching intrigued me. I pondered about how each coaching style can affect the player’s performances, and how player’s personalities can connect better with some coaches than others. Some coaches even venture to cross over and coach multiple sports, propelling themselves into an entirely different atmosphere, where they must adjust their coaching specifically to the sport. I really became interested in this concept my 8th grade year. As an 8th grader, I played football, basketball, and track. Each one had a different coach, and each coach had a different approach.…show more content…
Very little direction comes from "Laissez fair" coaching style as this style allows the players to do what they want to accomplish their goals. Coaches will use a variety of coaching styles depending on the coaching situations (Brubaker). To start, autocratic telling is when a coach decides what to do on everything. The coach decides specific workouts for their players (Cook 12). A coach also defines everything the team does whether that is a certain play or goal. Goals are set by that coach and all teammates should strive for the goals. Similar to autocratic telling, coaches still decide on what needs to be accomplished, explains what is required and the objectives. How autocratic telling varies is each athlete is asked questions pertaining to the objectives. Coaches continue to go around to confirm the athletes’ understanding. Autocratic telling is exactly how it sounds, the coach explains the importance of each objective while athletes are still able to ask questions. In comparing autocratic methods, democratic methods are equally successful. Democratic sharing is the first democratic method. The technique starts with the coach outlining the requirements. He/she then invites ideas or suggestions from the athletes to gain their opinions. Based on the athletes’ suggestions, the coach makes a decision on goals for the year. The style is obviously more democratic and is great with players who contribute great ideas. Proceeding
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