Why Cobb's Top Fell In The Film Inception

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Why Cobb’s Top Fell In the film Inception (Christopher Nolan, 2010) there is an uncountable amount of paradox’s, mazes and labyrinths. But the biggest controversy of the entire film is the ending. Now, Nolan has never spilled the truth whether or not Cobb’s top falls so the majority of people (including myself) have went back through the movie searching for clues and patterns to whether or not he is in reality. The main thing Dom Cobb had said during the movie is to never recreate anything from memory, always imagine new things. The next thing was creating or finding an object as a totem that only you know how it feels, the weight, how it’s original, etc. The final thought is that of time. My last point is when they would be in a dream and look at their watch it would be moving slower. Now, this is why it fell. This is why Cobb was in reality.…show more content…
For seconds after he tells her not to, she was stabbed by Cobb’s deceased wife Mal. This is because the dreamers subconscious notices the irregularities. They cannot control their subconscious in fact no one can that's why it's their subconscious and that’s why Ariadne was killed and all the other pedestrians held her to get stabbed. If this is true then everyone should have been going after the dreamer in the airport. That airport is a real place which means its taken from memory. If they were still in a dream the subconscious of the dreamer would have ripped apart whoever was building that and Dom would've woken up. Last but not least they drove from the airport to his old house. He would've had to pull that from memory and it couldn't of been Ariadne’s dream who is the only person other than him that's seen the house. Just because she never saw the kids faces and Cobb would've noticed if they weren't his
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