Why Code Is Outdated Or Outdated? Essay

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research to see if the code is obsolete or outdated or should there be any modifiers added. The medical office is small enough, where at any given time the doctor, along with the office manager, instructs what each employee is working on. At times a medical staff is working on insurance claims, another is researching the usage of a particular code. How to use and under what conditions a particular code needed. D. Does the facility contract for coding services? No, the doctor does all his coding. When the doctor cannot figure what codes to use, he enlists his fellow optometrists, or the AOA to find the proper codes. Also, there are more medical information, along with websites and news articles available. There are other websites the doctor may look up information:  The American Health Information Management Association or (AHIMA), if something isn 't clear or more information. Also this website has new codes and their usage. AHIMA publishes a current listed of codes that is no longer in usage or supported.  The American Optometric Association (AOA), provides doctor-reviewed, doctor-approved information about the greatest common eye conditions. III. FILING & NUMBERING SYSTEMS A. What type of record filing system is used? Alphabetic Filing System, where patient files are stored by patient last name, first name, and middle initial. The files are in a closed file cabinet. Tab on
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