Why Coding Should Be Mandatory In Public Education

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Coding Should Be Mandatory in Public Education

As robotics continues to integrate with current occupations, an increasing amount of industries are experiencing demand for computer programming or “coding” skills. Robots are becoming prevalent in numerous industries across the globe,

Allen 4 consuming a myriad of once uniquely human jobs (Johnson). Businesses and industries are implementing robotics and coding more extensively in this digital era. Therefore, computer science and, in particular, coding should be mandatory curricula in public education that will future-proof students for job acquisition and enhance primary language literacy.
Robots are becoming more prevalent in every field of work across the globe consuming previously
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in Raja 614). This supports the idea that as robot implementation meets human innovation, people naturally change those aspects of their lives, which may mean a need for greater emphasis on CS education. Robots will continue to consume once primarily human jobs, creating a more vastly integrated workforce. Students today will work alongside these robots and/or be the ones coding them in the future (Wohl). Thus, it is becoming more necessary to educate students starting at an elementary level to be technologically literate by not just interfacing with computers and robots, but understanding them and speaking their language—a skill with a growing demand (Raja
Coding is becoming an essential skill in the job market allowing workers to adapt to the integrated human-robot workforce; therefore, it is imperative that CS and coding education be mandatory and begin early. There is currently robotic disruption in many sectors like education, energy, health, and transportation. For example, companies have begun designing robots to aid special education students, and much like automobiles, robots have been implemented in solar panel production decreasing costs and increasing precision (Johnson). Chase Johnson reports in his article, “Robotic
Integration Into Our Daily Lives: Now and the Future,” that hospitals are also using robots to transport “medical

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